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ACR-Chicago was pleased to co-sponsor this fascinating panel discussion with the Association of Attorney Mediators – Illinois Chapter. Panelists Beverly Tarr, Jonah Orlofsky, Mike Leech and Bob Berliner discussed their experience with online (essentially Zoom) mediation in the year of the pandemic. With tips ranging from process to logistics, you are sure to learn several new things.

Please note the first minute or so of the presentation was inadvertently not recorded.

Lisbeth M. Bulmash, Attorney and ADR Professional at JAMS, and Sharmeen Ladhani, Attorney and Mediator at the Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board for USA, lead a discussion on “Keeping the Peace During Times of Racial, Political, Cultural and Social Strife.”
Teresa Frisbie, Director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, along with Mark Mayer, leads a discussion of confidentiality issues in this time of increased use of online mediations.
Olga Klimecki, a mediator and conflict researcher based in Germany, discusses empirical evidence for the pivotal role of emotions in conflict resolution on different scales, ranging from couple conflict and interpersonal conflict, to inter-group conflict and intractable conflict. A specific focus is on empirical studies of interventions based on mediation and compassion. Factors to be taken into account when designing interventions, such as power asymmetry and political orientation, are also highlighted. The presentation of scientific research is combined with practical exercises.
This year’s annual ACR-Chicago celebration of Conflict Resolution Day features a presentation by Susan Yates, followed by brief presentations on behalf of a number of local ADR organizations. You may forward the video to particular presentations as follows: 0:00:00 – Introduction by Mark Mayer and presentation by Susan Yates. 0:50:22 – Resolution Systems Institute, presented by Nicole Wilmet 0:53:47 – Center for Conflict Resolution, presented by Cassie Lively and Larissa Hachinski 1:02:52 – Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board, presented by Mehreen Rajabali 1:12:00 – Dominican University Master of Arts in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, presented by Kate Osterman 1:16:20 – Association for Attorney Mediators, presented by Robert Berliner 1:20:15 – Concluding remarks by Kristina Taylor, President ACR Chicago, and Mark Mayer
Watch Chris Sheesley’s terrific presentation about how to end a mediation. Learn about what leads to terminating a mediation, what to consider as you think about terminating, and some “scripts” to use when the time comes to close out the process.
A presentation sponsored by ACR Chicago – Neuroscience teaches us that people involved in mediation encounter many events that initiate the physiologic stress response. Ms. Tanz will describe the stress response, its triggers, and how it impacts judgment, decision-making and memory. She will offer specific strategies to minimize the stress response in mediation and present a participatory quiz to illustrate these strategies. Ms. Tanz has collaborated for years with neuroscientist Prof. Martha K. McClintock, University of Chicago: David Lee Shillinglaw Distinguished Service Professor Emerita, Departments of Psychology and Comparative Human Development, The College; Committees on Neurobiology and Evolutionary Biology. This presentation is based on that collaboration.
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