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Standing Committees


This committee plans all aspects of the year-round programs beginning in September each year. Committee members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. They are actively involved in program planning, networking, and assuring the continued success and variety of our programming. If you are interested in professional skills development, marketing a practice, finding a job, and building partnerships with other professionals in dispute resolution, this committee is well worth your time.

Patty Stiles, Chair
Mac Steele
Mary Novak


This committee is dedicated to increasing the membership of ACR Chicago by providing information on membership benefits and programs to current and potential members through various means.

Mac Steele, Chair

Public Relations and Outreach

This committee ensures the long-term viability of ACR-Chicago by communicating the organization’s programs and benefits to members and potential members through education, marketing, and strategic networking

Joe Dillon, Chair
Rocio Munoz
Mac Steele


This group ensures that the operations of ACR-Chicago run in accordance with our by-laws and policies.

Kent Lawrence, Chair
Mark Mayer

Information Technology

This committee manages all video production of our programs, improvements to our website presence and explores new ways in which we can reach a wider audience through social networking and other media formats.

Ian Bucciarelli, Chair
Mac Steele
Mary Novak

Task Forces and Work Groups

Conflict Resolution Day

This national event, held each year on the third Thursday of October, is an opportunity for Chicago area ADR organizations to come together for networking and information sharing with each other and with the public. In the last two years, over 120 people have attended the event, and nearly 20 area ADR organizations were represented.

Mark Mayer, Chair

Diversity and Equity

Members of this working group serve as liaisons between the board, permanent committees and special projects. Members help ensure that diverse themes are incorporated at all levels and that the organization continues to identify ways to tailor relevant approaches to underserved communities that reflect their unique and diverse needs.

Mac Steele and Patty Stiles, Co-Chairs

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is for members interested in establishing networking opportunities by being matched up with members from our Professional Directory

Kristina Taylor, Chair
Ross Edwards
Mac Steele
Patty Stiles

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